Carpet shell (Venerupis decussata)

vongola verace

Common name: Carpet shell

Scientific name: Venerupis decussata   (Linnaeus, 1758)

Seasonality: all the year

Biological and ecological features of the species: A bivalve mollusc, white or light brown on the outside, sometimes with yellowish shades and dark stripes, as well as dark spots. It can be distinguished by the fact that is has separate siphons.

Max length: 8 cm

Minimum conservation reference size: 2,5 cm

Fishing gear: Hand dredge

Nutritional qualities:  The striped venus clam has a chemical composition similar to that of lean fish, with 80-83% moisture and a protein content slightly lower than that of several commonly eaten fish. The lipid content is quite low, but with relatively high proportions of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. This clam is rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. As a bivalve mollusk, 100 g of striped venus clam contains 2-5 g glycogen, an energy reserve carbohydrate.

Nutritional facts: