Common sole (Solea vulgaris)

Common name: Common sole

Scientific name: Solea vulgaris (Quensel, 1806)

Seasonality: all the year

Biological and ecological features of the species:  Like all flatfish it has no pigment on the blind side and has both eyes on the ocular side. Its head is rounded and the upper jaw is prominent. There is one dorsal fin and a longer anal fin; these two fins are joined to the caudal fin by a membrane that is clearly visible; the pectoral fin often has a black tip

Max length: 70 cm

Minimum conservation reference size: 20 cm

Fishing gear: Rake trawl with depressor

Nutritional qualities:  The common sole is a lean species, suitable in the formulation of low calorie diets. It is a source of high quality proteins, comparable to terrestrial animal meat. This species, like hake, is highly digestible. It is rich of essential omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients playing an important role in human health. This specie is also a good source of zinc, iron and copper.

Nutritional facts: