Donax clam (Donax trunculus)


Common name: Donax clam

Scientific name: Donax trunculus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Seasonality: From January to March and from May to December

Biological and ecological features of the species: A bivalve mollusc with an oblique shaped shell that is very thin, slightly flattened with a smooth surface. The front is rounded, the back is shorter. It is yellowish or brownish-purple on the outside, whitish inside.

Max length: 5 cm

Minimum conservation reference size: 2 cm

Fishing gear: Rake

Nutritional qualities:   Bivalve mollusks belonging to the family Tellinidae are appreciated for their delicate taste and tender meat. They may be used in several recipes in place of clams, especially in first courses. Like clams, these mollusks are a low source of calorie, fat and omega-3 fatty acids. The protein content is not high. They are a good source of minerals.

Nutritional facts: