Marche: a market with a long tradition

6.7% of the national fishing fleet
26,4% Demersal trawl
3,8% Purse seine
25,8% Hydraulic dredge
44,.0% Small-scale fisheries


In 1912 the wholesale fish market was set up in a warehouse in the Liscia area of Fano. It was later moved to the “Casa del Marinaio” in via Francesco Castracane in the canal port, then, in 1931, it was transferred to the storehouses in the Borghese docks area, near the Albani canal estuary. This location also proved to be insufficient, so a purpose-built structure was erected along Viale Adriatico near the Levant dock, which opened in May 1939. To this day, the building is still the working fish market where fishery products are auctioned wholesale.


As a substitute for snow in structures called “neviere”, or snow-houses” for preserving fish, in 1899 the first “ice factory” began operating at the port. Daily production of artificial ice was about 6.5 tons, which covered the needs of the people across the Romagna and Marche regions. In Fano there were three such structures, one in Via Forestieri, on in Borgo di Porta Giulia, Via del Tobacco and another in the Liscia quarter. The refrigeration system and ice factory was enlarged in 1920. A smaller facility, built in 1922, was located in Via della Liscia and managed by the “fishmongers’ anonymous company”. In 1939 the ice factory was relocated to Viale Adriatico, at the Levant Basin which was the headquarters of the cooperative “Coomarpesca”; the ice produced for the conservation of fish products was made in blocks. Between 1980 and 1985, in a structure built next to the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fisheries, the production system was automated and the ice was made in flakes.


Originally, from 1413 at least, the public sale of fish in Fano took place in the square of St. Thomas, along Corso Matteotti, where it remained until the beginning of the 1800s. After which it was first moved to via Galeotto Malatesta next to the theater, then to the courtyard of the Palazzo del Cantinone and finally, in 1904, to the Malatestiana Court, where it stayed until 1926. The current location of the fish market goes back to 1927 when the City of Fano approved the project for the market and issued regulations for the sale of fish, the building in question is one with porticos in Piazza Andrea Costa, in 1912 a market for other goods had already been moved to the same building. The fish market is still there under the porticos, where the arches have since been restored and closed with glass windows, while in the rest of the square there is a markets selling fruit, vegetables and other goods.