Red shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea)

gambero rosso

Common name: Red shrimp

Scientific name: Aristaeomorpha foliacea   (Risso, 1827)

Seasonality: all the year

Biological and ecological features of the species: It is a medium-sized shrimp. Males are smaller than females and do not reach 20 cm in length. The rostrum has 4 or more teeth in the dorsal area, while female specimens have 5-6. The ruby red carapace is robust and spiny. It has five appendices for swimming and the last abdominal segment ends with a tail in the shape of a fan.

Max length: 22,5 cm

Minimum conservation reference size: Not applicable

Fishing gear: Bottom trawl

Nutritional qualities:  This crustacean is a low-calorie food. Its flesh is lean and, as a consequence, it is not a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Its cholesterol content (120-130 mg/100 g edible portion) is higher than that of most fish. This species is also a good source of vitamin E and minerals like iron, zinc and selenium.

Nutritional facts:

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