Scabbardfish Silver (Lepidopus caudatus)


Common name: Scabbardfish Silver

Scientific name: Lepidopus caudatus (Euphrasen, 1788)

Seasonality: all the year

Biological and ecological features of the species: Its body is ribbon-like, flattened at the sides and silver in colour, it doesn’t have scales. Its pointed head is large and has a ridge behind the eyes. Its mouth is wide with a prominent lower jaw and an upper jaw with pointed sharp teeth. It is a pelagic fish that lives at great depths, but can rise to a depth of 20-30 meters in summer and autumn. It feeds on fish including those larger than itself.

Max length: 200 cm

Minimum conservation reference size: not applicable

Fishing gear: Long line

Nutritional qualities: Species characterized by lean flesh with a low variability. High quality proteins are present at high percentages. The lipid fraction is rich of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Among mineral elements, selenium and magnesium are present in high amounts. The energy value is low.

Nutritional facts: