The project

Fisheat: From Sea Food with Love created by the fisheries organisation of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives, thanks to the contribution received from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, in order to raise public awareness on the high level of quality in the Italian fisheries sector, right the way through the supply chain – from catch to consumption.

The focus is on both the intrinsic nutritional quality of the products and on the traditions surrounding them, which have never been adequately celebrated by the fishers themselves, the last hunters and gatherers of wild food whose activities are in perfect harmony with nature.

The heart of the project: this website and a documentary which describes the life and work of fishers in pictures, the traditional values and culture necessary to draw sustenance from the sea while respecting and loving it.

The site also gives space to the world of production, through the identification and description of the numerous maritime districts with their diverse historical, cultural and social traditions.

The different species marketed within the sector are also highlighted, the website user can learn: the names of the various species; seasonality; organoleptic qualities; minimum landing sizes, fishing techniques, features that help consumers to choose wisely, their presentation as processed fish products where applicable, the chemical/physical characteristics and nutritional properties of each individual species.

In the portal there is a section in which visitors can compose and send e-cards transmitting messages related to good nutritional practices and/or the territory and cuisine linked to healthy eating.

With the documentary – official screening 21st September 2015 Expo Milan – we have crossed the peninsula from north to south to capture the faces, gestures and collect the stories of Italian fishers.

Enjoy your visit to the site!