Umbria, where fish turn sweet

65 vessels for fisheries in inland waters with the following gears:
Onboard nets
fish traps
cast nets


The 14th century Italian poet Fazio degli Umberti cited the wealth of fish in the lake near Perugia:

“E traversammo per veder Perugia […]

Il suo contado un ricco lago serra

Il qual è si fornito di buon pescie

Ch’assai ne manda fuor de la sua terra”


We crossed to see Perugia.. the rich lake in its domain..which gave out its good fish…brought plentiful onto the land

A lake nestled in the hills that is at the heart of quality local cuisine, where flavours are shaped by the climate and the Etruscan civilization that settled in the area.

An ancient culinary tradition that draws on the waters of Lake Trasimeno, made unique by its position on the border of two regions, uniting Umbria and Tuscany. Recipes using freshwater lake fish are an important part of the region’s flavours.

The tench is one of the most well-known freshwater fish in Italy and elsewhere.

Its flesh is highly valued, now as it was in the past. There are documents demonstrating appreciation of its high quality which date back to 1139.

More recently, on Lake Trasimeno, the application process for the PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) certification has been started. This is one way to promote these fishery products and strengthen the bond with a typical species from these waters, one which is a permanent resident and does not like to roam.

The fishers of Trasimeno market this species fresh, cut into fillets to bring its flavour, or smoked, using the brand “Sapori del Trasimeno“.

This brand ensures that the product that you are eating comes from capture fisheries, that it was worked in the traditional way using only natural products, such as beech wood flour for smoking, and that a fair price has been paid to all the operators in the production chain, from the fisher to the filleter.

We’ll leave the task of crowning the tench “queen of the lakes” to the table, and resolve the dispute reported in this old saying …

The tench said to the pike: my head is worth more than all your body”